Obedience Training

 Could you use some help?  Is your dog destroying everything in your house and garden? Does your dog  pull on the leash, jump on people, run out of the door as soon as it  opens, or perhaps most frustratingly: doesn’t come back when you call?  We’re here to help!  We offer basic obedience courses with personalized attention and  group lessons. These classes are limited to 10 participants to ensure  that everyone receives the attention necessary to improve your  relationship and progress your dog’s behaviour. Not only will you be happier — your dog will be too!  We teach the basic commands as well as how to handle and correct daily life situations like those mentioned above.  When you come to our obedience course, you will learn how to have a balanced dog  through physical and mental exercise. We exclusively work with positive  attention. There is no negative reinforcement here, as that type of  training does not work to build trust and mutual respect with your best  friend! It’s all about positive reinforcement and consistency.  We also have advanced obedience, tracking dog and protection dog (Schutzhund) courses available upon request.      

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